Saturday, August 2, 2014

House of Cards by M&T Erickson

For a change of pace, my oldest daughter and I decided to write a children's book series together.  I finished the first draft last year and  its 200+ pages were eaten by the computer.  I never found my back up file!

This ended up being a good thing.  It gave us an opportunity to restart (not that I didn't howl at the loss...)

I've written 18 books.  14 of those are part of my Epic, Chest of Souls.  There are 5 prequels and nine main-story novels.  I even have sequels planned...but I'm taking a year off (at the very least) to pursue a different kind of animal:  children's fiction.

The series will star the above characters and these:  and a LOT more.

This is a real change of pace for me because I've written for people 13+ with all the other books.

Stay's going to be a lot of fun for young and those young at heart.  It has been a real learning experience to have to consult with my daughter during my dip into creativity.  We expect the finished product by December, at the latest.  If I have my way, it will be October.

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