Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Book #5 of 12: Aftermath (COS Book 3)

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Part three does not disappoint!, August 18, 2011
Once again the plot thickens--and readers will love every moment of it. The characters we've come to know and love in the first book face even more growing, learning--and tragedy. I am constantly impressed with the author's ability to not only tell a handful of stories simultaneously, but have all of those seemingly disparate tales connect with each other in one vast overarching narrative that never grows stale. You'll be reading about one group of characters, and then another, and another, and before you know it a hundred pages have gone by and you're still hungering for more. Absolutely marvelous work.

How the book came to be:

This was originally the end of book 1 - now greatly expanded.

Insider Information:

I expected the continuing flack I get from people about what happened in this book.  However, killing off a main character (especially one of my favorites) was not easy, but you'll have to take my word for it that it was necessary. 

The cover for this one was the toughest up to this point.  It became the most eye-catching of the first three.  I had envisioned the hand looking more monstrous than spectral and holding Brenna, ready to pull her into the sandpool.  It just didn't work so we compromised - and the swirls in the background behind the hand which I had originally envisioned being ghostly purple/green mist morphed into what we call Ketchup, Mustard, and BBQ sauce - another serendipity that happened while Strave was learning how to use Photoshop.  The colors came from the exact same flames that are pictured on the front cover of SOS - it worked!   Question:  How many of you knew the spelling for Ketchup was once Catsup?

What the book is about:

Brenna yearns for Talon's love with all the passion her 13-year old heart can muster, but she knows he sees her as a child.  She's determined to change that before her parents keep their word to take her where Talon will never find her.  No one seems to understand the depth of her love for him and that he is the core of her existence, not even Talon...yet.  She is unaware that the evil that had been searching for her has found her and if it can't take her, it will take those she loves.

Talon has read the Book of Benamii and is beginning to understand that if Brenna dies all hope perishes with her.  He will not allow anyone or anything to hurt her.  Not even Tasut.  He is determined to stand between her and what is coming.  His father is looking at him with an air of expectancy and that makes Talon nervous.  Tasut wants something from him and Talon wants to avoid whatever it is at all costs.


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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Congratulations to the WINNERS!

If this were the price is right, the following three women would race down to the front and begin their journey with Bob Barker to win, win, and win!

Vivien from Wichita, Lisa from Springville, and Sophia from Riverside!  WOOHOO!  Congratulations on winning and watch for the book in the mail!