Sunday, December 18, 2011

Local Newspaper Article about Klaus

In our small burg, the local paper comes out three times a week.  This issue came out Thursday, the day of the book signing - which, thankfully, she mentions.  My sister in law brought a similar article to me months ago and I contacted Jenny via email to find out if she would be willing to read one of my books.  I sent her the book trailers that I had at the time and let her choose - either Klaus or Chest of Souls.  Perhaps it was because Christmas was on the way or the trailer looked more like something that appealed to her; in any case, she chose to read Klaus.  She has agreed to read more of my work in the new year.  Hooray!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

First Book Signing

Dreams come true.

Here is one of mine:  I'm in 8th grade and in the basement of my mother's house, busily pounding the keys of my beautiful brand new (manual) red typewriter, spinning story after story as my mind takes me places that I want to explore.  In the deepest recesses of my soul I want, desperately, to be an author.  A REAL author - in my mind I've already published books, seen my name in print, become sucessful.  For years, I faithfully pound away at the keys, buying typewriter ribbon and paper, never dreaming that personal computers are the future and the day will come when I will laugh at the memory.  All I know, when I'm 12 going on 13 is that if I can't be an author, I don't want to be anything else.

Finally, after 40 some-odd years, that dream is coming true.  I have 12 books out and I must take a moment and say I didn't do it alone.  Yes, I'm an Indie, but the books would never have become reality without the support of heaven, family, and friends.

As an independent author, I am everything - writer, editor, cover designer, in charge of either doing or delegating every aspect of the business.  Make no mistake, if you are an Indie it IS a business.

<------The artists that drew/colored the book trailer presentation you see on screen.  The media people at the college were able to make the presentation loop so we didn't have to push 'play' every four minutes.

The book trailers are on You Tube:

We brought the extra decor with us - the garland, the large baskets of flowers, the big bow with bells.

There were posters to be made, along with business cards, making arrangements with the store, treats (note:  use chocolate).  It was a lot of work, but fun. 

One of my fans who has read all of the books (and previously asked me how I sleep at night) brought his wife with him and bought Pic Jump, the first book we sold that day.  He'd already read it, now he owns it.  I like satisfied customers!  He can't seem to get enough of the COS series and was happy to find there is a prequel and a follow up in the works.

The campus director for special collections at the library bought four books and wants to buy the rest.  Apparently, they have a collection of books written by local authors.  Who knew?

The last books that were bought:  a librarian bought two sets of the 3 award winners that will be going to two local libraries north of our little burg and wants the rest of the books in the New Year!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Links to all the books PLUS links to the YouTube book trailers (more coming soon!)