Monday, March 19, 2012

Fans - Kindred Spirits

Fans can be found in the most extraordinary places.  I was in touch with someone that saw my genealogy blog and our conversations were usually limited to family history.  She is a bus driver in Wyoming (ironically, Wyoming is the setting for one of my books - Pic Jump)

To my everlasting delight, she purchased two of my books - Chest of Souls (Book One) and Klaus.  When I found out she finished COS Book One, I wrote her back and asked what she thought.

This is her answer:

"Although it isn't the type of story I usually enjoy, I found myself stealing time to read it.  When I got done driving school bus, I would park in front of Albertson's on the way home from work and read until dark.  The stories in the  book captivated me that much.  The magical and mystical elements added an interesting twist.  I loved to like the good characters, and loved to despise the bad guys."  
Is that awesome or what? 
I have the best fans ever!