Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Book # 6 of 12: Sacrifice of Souls Book 4 of COS

Halfway to my goal! Here it is, book 6 in the COS epic. 


Sacrifice of Souls, August 30, 2011
With the Sacrifice of Souls the reader enters the world of the Barracks a training ground for Sogo's Cubes, a gladiatorial "game" in which only one survives, and the new home for Talon and fourteen friends, some new and some old. If it isn't bad enough that he will be under Tasut's watchful eyes 24/7, he knows that one of the fourteen men he trusts with his life will betray him.
While Talon fights to just survive training, Brenna is also being trained with one thing hanging over her head-if she fails to learn what she needs to know Talon will die. With the help of those around her, and a visit from the dead, Brenna strengthens her resolve to do what she must to save Talon. But only if she can survive the Forest Wife's training first.
From a land beyond time to a city with an ancient evil to Sogo, the journey of those that stand in defiance of Sogo will lead the reader through the first leg to what will be the end of Talon and Brenna's world as we know it.

Ready to kick it up a notch?, September 15, 2011
If you thought things were intense in the first trilogy of this series--think again! The ante has been upped in this dynamic beginning to the next season in the plans to destroy Sogo...but the best-laid plans of Shees and men oft go awry. This book introduces vibrant additions to the cast you knew and loved in the first three books, and they don't take away from the dynamism and depth of the established characters but simply make the fun exponential! Our heroes and heroines certainly have their work cut out for them in the trials to come!

How the book came to be:

This was originally the first part of book 2.  Again, I had to divide it into thirds and again, I had a good time expanding characters that hadn't been able to come out of the shadows.

Insider Information:

The cover of this book was very simple - light a fire in our wood stove and take a picture for front and back.  However, see how many faces you can see in the flames (we found 2).  In the book there is a constellation known as "The 3 Sisters"  There is a prophecy concerning them in the book.  The bright white one symbolizes Loni, the blue one is Mari and the red one (which, frankly, looks like a zit on one of the faces) is the notorious Hadasha.
What the book is about:

Talon is on his way to be sold at the Sogoian auction - courtesy of his father's great fist.  He has no way of letting Brenna know where he is and that he can't help her any more.  The odds of his surviving are 300 to 1 in the Barracks.  To his horror, his friends are with him - all captured in various ways explained in the last book.

Brenna is now on the other side of time via a giant hand that came out of a sandpool.  She has a new instructor - a mysterious woman known only as the Forest Wife.  Brenna is accustomed to getting her way - no matter the obstacles, but in this realm, she is the fish out of water and the woman has as much power as Brenna - almost.  Once she discovers that whatever she fails in, Talon will pay the price, her rebellious nature (which always peaks when Talon is threatened) crumbles.  For now, she must learn or Talon will die.

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