Thursday, February 3, 2011

Book #7 of 12: Traps (Book 5 of COS)

Talon was born of a woman without a heart, a man without a soul, into a world without a he has to fix it.


You'll get trapped...inside this book!, September 15, 2011
The plot thickens! The characters continue to move slowly, but steadily, and always excitingly, toward their ultimate quest to destroy Sogo, and along the way we are introduced to many very important revelations, and the introduction of characters whose unique abilities, and the things they did long ago, are going to tip the scales in the coming conflict...but which way? Once again Michelle Erickson continues to add characters, plot, and world-building into a story as deep as Tassy's appetite.

How the book came to be:

This was originally the middle of book 2

Insider Information:

This is one of my favorites in the series.  I backed the characters into a corner and then had to find a way to get them out.  Over the space of hours my oldest daughter and I talked about the fates of all the characters who were literally stuck in the Traps resting beneath the Phoenix House orphanage.  It was fun - and a LOT of work! 

The cover of this book was tough - I knew what I wanted, but not how to do it.  This cover is definitely going to be reworked for the second edition, but, for now, it is eye-catching (maybe even...eye watering?), I need to learn more about photoshop to make my 'vision' a reality.

What the book is about:

By now, the readers know that Talon is a prisoner in the Barracks by choice.  He has had the training and nothing could really stop him if he wanted to leave Sogo.  Yet, this wonderful self-sacrificing man puts all of his efforts into the training he and his men would never get anywhere else in the world and he does it in the name of love, knowing that he must become the best so he can be the Champion of Legend - the one destined to save Brenna.

Brenna is getting training from the Forest Wife and trying to find ways to visit Talon in Sogo (silly love-struck girl!).  Things really come to a head when accident-prone Eli Mampus discovers something in the basement of the Phoenix house orphanage that will answer and create questions no one thought to ask and which will lead Brenna to deeper understanding of the word 'Traps'

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