Thursday, March 31, 2011

Book # 9 out of 12: Division of Souls (COS Book 7)

With Division, we have the beginning of the end of Sogo and all of it's inhabitants.

Here are some reviews:

Divided souls still stand..., September 15, 2011
The decisions needed to overthrow Sogo have not been easy ones for our heroes, but they have made unbelievable sacrifices for the cause. Now Brenna is trapped in a dangerous game of wits with the most powerful man in Sogo, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, the tunnel itself is still very long, dark...and filled with pitfalls. Naturally, this will keep you at the edge of your seat and have you ready with your hand on the next page (or, if you're like me, your mouse's scroll wheel)! Get ready for the beginning of the grand finale, folks!

How the book came to be:

This was originally the first of book 3

Insider Information:

I wanted to spank Brenna - hard - for choosing to go with the nightmare at the end of the last book.  Ever hear if you play with fire you'll get burned?  Brenna is still a very young woman and she doesn't have the wisdom experience can bring in spite of the fact her parents plot in their sleep and Brenna's DNA is full of intrigue and lots of natural talent.

This book was a real challenge.  Writing an emotionally-numb Brenna was stifling and this book had a lot of revising done to it to meet my higher standards.  If you've followed the series, you'll know Brenna is passionate by nature and the indifferent but logical woman she became was a stranger to me - I wanted my Brenna.  Talon...well, my heart bled for him.  He was heart-broken and tortured by her choice that it seemed, at first, he wasn't going to get over it.  I even feared for his sanity.

The cover of this book was also a challenge.  We took a crystal heart and hung it in front of the flames dancing inside our woodstove.  The crystal reflected the darkness and appeared to turn black (symbolic of what is happening to Brenna).  I snapped several pictures, but this one worked best.  Stravenlite then used photoshop to add the cracks and the fingers.  The cracks are the energy spilling out of the heart (symbolizing what happens to Brenna in this book). 

What the book is about:

After powering the Chest of Souls, Brenna’s severed from her ability to love and that isn’t all that’s missing. She has made her choice and it isn’t Talon.
Her plan is to save as many lives as she can before Sogo falls.
Logic rules her days and remorse rules her nights.

Talon survived Day of Air and must survive the coming days of Water, Fire, and Earth – ending with the travesty of the blood sport called Cubes. He thought the greatest test was when the Chest of Souls was powered, but his greatest challenge lies ahead.
He has to find a way to heal the division between Brenna and himself and if he can’t, he has to ask himself if he loves her enough to do what must be done, no matter what




Monday, March 7, 2011

Book #8 of 12: Stone Dreams (Book 6 of COS)

The 3 Sisters fall! 
Here are some reviews
 Cubes has begun!, September 15, 2011
This is the beginning of the end...the sordid competition that Talon has been training for his whole life, and his friends have been training for for seven years, is at an advent and everyone who wants to see Sogo fall also wants to make sure that this is the last game of Cubes ever held. But will their plans come to fruition? Read on and find out! Michelle Erickson once again never disappoints on action, depth, characters, and of course more Shees than you can shake a Pursha at! The end of this second cycle in the Chest of Souls saga will not disappoint and will leave you wanting more!

How the book came to be:

This was originally the end of book 2

Insider Information:

One of the easiest covers - it was finished before Traps.  This is the second book in which you will see the stars.  Yes, they are significant.  You'd have to read the book to find out how special they are. 

The rock on the front cover is among a group of stones that are currently resting on the edge of the Snake River in Mesa Falls, Idaho (I highly suggest going there in late September or the first part of October - gorgeous!) The 'writing' on the stone doesn't actually exist.  That symbol belongs to Jaydren and Stravenlite used Photoshop.  The stone in the book rests at the edge of a River and was formed to activate and protect the southern border of Teris - a gift from Jaydren, one of the "5 Creators" but, like many things in the series, it isn't what it seems.  The large rocks - called stacks - hold a lethal surprise for those invading the borders.

What the book is about:

Talon and his men have been training for seven years, but there is one competition they can’t train for. Stone Dreams is an invitation-only nightmare Nez will arrange with one goal in mind: death of all competitors. You do not know the enemy and it takes place in the black of night on enemy territory.  He has still not uncovered who the traitor is among his men and in the dark, accidents can happen.

Brenna now understands what it’s going to take to power the Chest of Souls. There’s only one choice she can make that will save Talon and bring about the fall of Sogo. She’d rather repeat all the traps the Ancients made by herself than tell Talon what will make the constellation Three Sisters fall and what his part in powering the Chest will be.

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