Sunday, May 1, 2011

Book #10 of 12 Storm (Book 8 of COS)

The end of the tunnel is in sight and things are just get more and more dangerous.  Of course, it also means my characters must perform better and better!

Here are some reviews

You'll be blown away!, September 15, 2011
If there's one thing you learn quickly when reading the works of Michelle Erickson, it's to never assume that she can't possibly add more to a plot--or that you have everything figured out! Several important, incredible, exciting, and heart-rending plot twists happen in this penultimate chapter in the Chest of Souls saga and you'll just have to read it to find out what they are, and to get yourself prepared for the finale!

Great Read, May 7, 2011
First off, I LOVE this one! I guess because things are getting closer to fruition. I mean, once I really started to read it. I took off! I read half the book in one sitting! Then finished it with one more!

Addictive! Thrilling! Love this collection! June 25, 2011
My eyes are bloodshot, my heart is racing, I need a break but I can't put the book down until I'm finished! Good news and bad news I even cried at the death why did that need to happen? Never can second guess this author!   

How the book came to be:

This was originally the middle of book 3

Insider Information:

In part, the cover is a  picture I took of a particularly beautiful sunset.  This is supposed to be a picture of the magnificent building that stands in Ogdones - the building where the boys went into the underground cisterns to escape being killed by Sand Slashers, Suck-egg mules, and to avoid suffocating in a sand storm.  It is also the private residence of Lady Revaya millenia ago when she ruled the country of Teris. 

What the book is about:

Brenna's not herself.
In Sogo, she's discovered what she's capable of - the streets are littered with living proof.  All that keeps her sane is when she can meet Talon in dreams and that becomes impossible when Nez infects her with a Suque (soo-kay).  Brenna comes to realize the Suque wants Talon more than it wants Nez and will do anything to have him.

Talon is getting bad news on all sides - the Ammonites refuse allegiance until the storm of prophecy rages, he's uncovered old secrets that make him question Brenna's loyalty, and the traitor is one step ahead, leaving Talon and his army to face certain death.

In spite of outward appearances, Talon is sure that somewhere inside Brenna is the woman who loves him.  That's the woman that he'll risk everything and everyone to free.



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