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Book #12 of 12: Pic Jump

August 11, 2011

First rate story with a unique plot
By  Readers Favorite "Book Reviews and Award Contest" (Hawesville, KY USA) - Reviewed by Alice D. for Readers Favorite

Pictarine Nebbie loved her parents but not her name; she prefers Pic. Pic and her best friend/cousin, Dar, run an employment agency. Pic meets the most marvelous man, Mason Jump, in the elevator of the building where her employment agency is located. Mason entertains terminally ill children, gives to charity and is totally devoted to doing for others. He and Pic fall deeply in love, meet each other's families, and marry weeks after meeting. Do they live happily ever after? No, their wedding car is sideswiped, Pic suffers massive head injuries and lies in a coma!

Though badly injured, she is given an out-of-body ability to transfer from one pair of eyes to another. Pic connects with a trucker named Trig, and then lands as a little girl's Barbie doll's eyes. The little girl, Emma, and her mother and father board a plane with a terrorist on board. Pic, Emma and Emma's mother flee for their lives. Pic and Emma land back in Pic's hometown of Evanston, Wyoming, with one of the terrorist's comrades coming after them. Pic has visions of Mason and her loved ones when she's held under water, but will she ever awake from her coma get away from all the terrorist troubles and resume her life with her wonderful husband?

This is a really first rate story with a unique plot that flows well from beginning to end of story. It offers romance and then adventure that will keep the reader enthralled until story's ending. It is well-edited, extremely well-written with believable characters who hold true throughout the story. A wide number of readers will enjoy this when it's in book form. The discerning will be delighted at the author's insertion of a book written by herself into the storyline.

Get ready for an amazing journey., August 23, 2011
"Pic Jump" starts out as a love story with the character Pic finally finding the one guy she has been waiting for only to have her happily ever after cut short-she goes into a coma on her wedding day.
The novel then follows her spirit as she journeys to Los Angeles and the road back home, her companions a four year-old child named Emma, a Barbie doll head, and a murderer whose one goal is to get a hold of Emma.
The intrigue involved keeps the reader turning pages while ignoring the clock that is letting them know dawn is just a few hours away.
Where did I get the idea?

At the time, I was outlining 5 Blanks my post-apocalyptic sci-fi.  While thinking of ways for people to transfer from one body to another I had to consider what was plausible and what was impossible.   
Insider information:

I wrote this book in two months, feeling the press of time on my self-imposed deadline.  I wasn't sure it was long enough so my pre-readers (bless their tired eyes!) had to run their way through it in record time and they assured me it didn't need anything more. 

The cover was my first attempt to do one myself.  I took the picture you see on the front cover in February of this year using one of the roses my son gave me for Valentines Day. I placed the rose on a puddle of ice in front of our mailbox.  I didn't want to use photoshop to remove any impurities, they just added to the symbolism and the picture fit the story perfectly - Pic and Mason's families own flower shops, the story takes place in winter.  On top of that, the rose is beginning to die - the top edges are brown, foreshadowing Pic's coma.  The broken ice symbolizes the sacrifice and precarious position we find the main characters in - and its symbolic of the shattered beginning to Pic and Mason's marriage.
The back cover picture I took on Mother's Day of this year - it was pouring rain, freezing cold, and I simply threw the umbrella on a section of road between Ririe, Idaho and Swan Valley.  It was the first picture I took.  The eyes belong to one of my many nieces (thanks Amanda!)

What the book is about

Here's what's written on the back of the book

My happily ever after started with a coma
I didn’t think things could get worse.

Then I was accidentally eye-napped.

It’s complicated, but because of me, a four-year old is being hunted by a kidnapping-murderer and all she has is a Barbie head to help her out.

If I don’t do something, she’s going to disappear –permanently.

I have one question:

How can I save her when all I can do is jump from one set of printed eyes to another?


Book #11 of 12: Walking in Lightning (Book 9 and final of COS series)

The final battle for the souls of men has come in the final book in my epic fantasy Chest of Souls.

Here are some reviews:

The perfect ending!, September 15, 2011
 A completely epic ending to a completely epic series! Michelle Erickson finishes off her nine-novel opus with a very satisfying finale! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to wring Haddy's neck again! Everything is resolved perfectly and yet still leaves room for the characters to continue to learn, grow, and adventure. You won't want to miss this ultimate standoff between good and evil!
Wonderful Ending, June 4, 2011
Beautiful end to an awesome series that made me laugh, cry, scream, angry and frustrated and finally relieved and joyous because of this magnificent happy ending where good triumphed over evil once again. It's an ending that never gets old. 
SALVATION IS HERE! Hold nothing back! June 25, 2011
BRAVO, bravo what a wonderful epic story! Read the kindle version of this book in 4 hours but will buy the softcover for my "Michelle Erickson" collection on my bookshelf! I knew there would be a twist to the ending and I was not disappointed. The "Chest of Souls" series soared into the atmosphere and beyond! Bravo again.  

How the book came to be:

This book was part of the final third in the original trilogy and is the final book in this epic.  Does that sound like a hint.  It is.  There is a prequel and some follow ups planned.  They will not be written by me, but my daughter - who wants more.

Insider Information:

This one was one of the easiest to write because everything led up to what takes place.  All I had to do was write...and write....and write.  Still, when it was all finished I was happy AND sad.  Happy that I could say "It is done!"  Sad for the same reason.  I love my characters.  I've had a few complaints about some unanswered questions - Mal's stupidity being one of them.  Don't worry about Mal, I'm sure he'll figure things out - eventually.  The lightning on the back cover is actually real lightning - I was able to get a picture one day when we had a storm. 

What the book is about:

On the back of the book:

The final battle for the souls of men has come.

Brenna is isolated.

Courtesy of Nez, the ruler of Sogo, she now has a Temis Belt to accompany the Suque he infected her with. As a result, she is possessed and no longer has access to her power. Meeting Talon in dreams is no longer safe because the Suque has made plans to betray Nez and rule Sogo - at Talon’s side. Until the city falls, she’ll have to rely on wit and will to deal with the Suque, the Temis Belt, Nez, and his army of Nightshades. She fears she is no match for all that has combined against her.
Talon is out of time.

Brenna claims she loves him, but she remains in Sogo with Nez – by choice. He doesn’t agree with her reasoning. Each time he comes close to gaining her freedom, something or someone stands in his way. He’s done all that’s been asked of him and more. If she doesn’t come to him, he will go to her. His choice will end in death or finally having a life with Brenna, who may or may not choose him. It’s a chance he’s willing to take.



Softcover at - will be coming to Amazon soon!