Monday, August 1, 2011

Defining Moment: Readers Favorite Awards Finalist!

It has been said that moments define our lives.
I'm perched on one of those moments right now, balancing on the peak of hope and looking over at the next one.  The next peak is MUCH bigger.  It's called Winners and I' m ready with grin on my face and hope rising in my heart.

A few months ago, I entered the Reader's Favorite Award's Contest.  I know that when books win awards, people take more notice of the books and since I am self-published this is critical. 

When I set out last July to release 12 books in 12 months, I had faith I could do it - and I did (in eleven months in point of fact).  I knew when it was over it would mean more work - of a different kind.  Promotion.  Self-promotion - many author's succumb at that point because it is so challenging.

Honestly, anyone can write a book if they want to - especially  now with Ebook phasing out paperbacks at such an extraordinary rate.  As an Indie-author I have to be an entire company - writer, editor, publisher, etc.  For Indie authors you ask:  How do I get my books to stand out?  Well, one way is to win Awards.  The question then becomes:  did I write well enough to win?

Short version:  I took a risk - I entered some of my books in a contest where the competition is heavier than it's ever been because of the economy.  The good news is, I received word this morning that yes, three books are Finalists!   Here they are:

1) Chest of Souls Book 1:  Fantasy
2) Klaus:  Romance - Fantasy
3) Pic Jump:  Romance - Suspense

That's why I am looking up at the next peak - the 'Winners' peak, the one I long to be standing on.  The winners will be announced September 1st.  The winnings are not monetary in the sense that you get $$$ - but your books get exposure and exposure brings sales. 
I'd appreciate it if you keep your fingers crossed, and prayers said, while I swim in a wide sea of gratitude, bathing in the glory of being one step closer to my 40-odd-years-goal.

And of course...I continue writing - it's what I do.