Saturday, April 14, 2012

Editing - the Crucible for writers

Crucible is a great test or trial.  For writers, editing can be.

One of my college-days favorite authors was Jack Weyland.  I'll paraphrase and say that he has been quoted as saying he's not a good writer, but a good rewriter. 

Re-writing is a four-letter word:  Edit. 
On the bright side, as an Indie, you get as many chances as you need to correct mistakes.  If a fan writes to me and tells me they see the word 'there' used as their or they're, I get to rectify my mistake and be grateful, not embarrassed that it was there in the first place (notice I used the correct version of there?). 

As an Indie, I rely more on my fans because the editing process is not perfect, not even for big houses.  In the last ten years, I've read more books with grammar/punctuation errors than I've ever noticed before.

One of my fans pointed out that I shouldn't worry, no one would notice in today's world anyway, the average citizen is illiterate and poorly educated.  Another asked what was the point of editing so much if no one can spell anyway in this text-crazy world.

Well, if someone is illiterate they won't read my novels anyway, and America is in love with electronics on all levels so I can't really do anything about texting.  

Maybe some of my fans are right, perhaps the 'average' citizen doesn't keep a dictionary handy to look up odd words that stick in your mind like bubble gum on hot cement.  The point is I am committed to giving my readers the best I am capable of in all writing departments.  As an Indie author, I will correct errors when I know they are there.

As an avid reader, I understand it DOES make a difference how many mistakes you have in your prose.  My eyes get snagged by the odd spacing or wording...and I'm  not the only one.  Those who read regularly are more observant about grammar/punctuation/editing errors.  It's something you can count on. 

I write because I love to write, and if I'm not writing, I'm gathering material to write about.  I am constantly observing, picking up funny sayings, noting oddities about life. 

However, I'm not in love with editing and I'm not a perfect editor so, to those of you that let me know about the mistakes, thanks.  For those of you that ignore those mistakes and keep reading, thanks.   Both are valuable to me.    

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chest of Souls Fan Art

I like fan art.  I think it a measure of success when people draw your characters because they think so much about them their hands beg for a pencil/paper (in this case a Bamboo pad) and the creative juices flow.


Hadasha Ryn, the sister we love to hate

Loni Ryn, the sister we all love

And Mari, Hi-Sha of Eyes, the sister devoted to protecting her daughter no matter the price