Saturday, May 5, 2012

Where am I?

For those of you that are waiting for a new release, I'm afraid the wait will be longer.  I've been traveling to Utah and back once a week to help take care of my ailing mother.  Toughest job I've ever had.

I'm still writing, but the pace is excruciatingly slow right now.  Please be patient.  Here is a rough draft of the back-of-the-book blurb for one of the books I'm working on. 

Sky Signs Book One:  Islands in the Sky

Rill is unusual.  When he was born, his father went to the Council in Ushrin to demand they recognize Rill as a Child of Lightning.  They refused when he failed the basic test.  The spark of potential, which is apparent at birth in all future Masters of Lightning, only shows in one of his eyes - an indication he is an aberration and should be destroyed.  Because a war rages among the Islands, they decide to let the untamed power kill him.

They missed their chance to cast him to Earth.

Rill, the youngest of seven sons and the most powerful of them all, is free to embrace his power.
Or he would be, if it weren't for the Queen.

The Queen of Ushrin knows that Rill is her only hope.  She has seen what he can do and knows that he is a living legend.  If given enough time, he will destroy the Islander way of life, but he will save her daughter. 
It's a price she's willing to pay.

UPDATE:  I'm working on this and several other books, but decided the characters from Chest of Souls Epic had more to say.  In particular, those known as the "Ancients".  Therefore, sometime in June of 2013, I will release the first of four prequels I've planned.  The first is waiting for final edit and the cover.  The name:  Five, the Power Rising.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE:  There will be 5 prequels, not 4.