Friday, September 7, 2012

Commissioning art work for your novels

Here are Brenna and Talon, the main characters in my Chest of Souls epic fantasy.  They are standing in the garden on the other side of time.

The artist:  Daekazu

As an Indie author, I am responsible for finding artists that can do covers or draw renditions of my characters. 

In this case, I already had covers, but I needed to kick them up a notch.  Let's face it, books are judged on their covers.

First, I decided just to see if this artist could follow direction.  The answer:  yes and no.  English is a second language for him, but I LOVE his work.  It is not a perfect rendition because I ran out of money. 

If you ask me if I really got what I paid for?

Let me put it this way:  My favorite part of this picture is the dress.

Talon's face is EXACTLY how I pictured him in a happy moment in his younger years.  However, Talon is 7 1/2 feet tall and immensely strong, so that part was completely wrong, but this rendition gives the reader something nice to look at.

In my opinion, the dress is so good, it upstages the woman wearing it.  I designed Brenna's dress by gathering pictures of dresses I looked at - the top was from one dress, the bottom from another I saw on Daekazu's art site.

The background was good - magical swirls, green to give it life.

I knew it would be hard to find an exact match for Brenna because as THE most beautiful woman in the universe, I would need to comb through every woman in the universe (not happening).  Also, her hair is brunette with blonde streaks, not the opposite.  Brenna was a disappointment in this picture.

At some point in the future, this portrait will have to be redrawn and when it is, it will be even more awesome!

I know of other author's that use Pinterest to find their artists.  If I need to find someone else in the future, I'm going to consider going there.