Thursday, September 12, 2013

House of Cards Book One: Taps: Sneak Peek

Sarah received a birthday present she didn't expect (or want):  the most frightening day of her life.
She doesn't remember who she is or how she came to be sitting on the steps of a homeless shelter.
She's running for her life from things that have no right to exist, called Lurkers.
A bizarre woman, that claims to be her Aunt Lacey, says she knows the way to safety, but Sarah isn't sure she wants to follow a woman that gets directions from a purse!

Being ten is a lot harder than being nine.

This picture is a rendering of the first scene in my first co-authored book, House of Cards Book One: Taps. This is not the front cover.  The child is a ten-year-old girl named Sarah and the ugly-flying-skeleton thing is called a Lurker.  This was going to be the cover of the first book, but my daughter (and co-author), who first envisioned the character Taps (more on her later) has come up with something we like even better.

The first draft of the book is finished as of yesterday (11 Sep 2013).   We are doing our best to have the book available by November 2014.

Update:  Things change - including covers.  This is no longer the cover for this first book.  Nor will we be offering this book in November.  We hope in December.  In the meantime,  here is a peek at the newest cover:

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Release: Fathoms Deep.

Fathoms Deep - my 15th book

Available on Amazon:

This character on the front is Soline, a Macshara (Mac) - one of the 'gifted.' She is specifically a Water-Mac that has escaped from the Fortress in Brissa in the company of four others who are like her - dangerous. 

She is the most powerful Water-Mac ever held at the Fortress and was one of four people that brought the Fortress down and freed the Macshara forever - or did she? 

Now free of all restraints, she answers to no one but her heart, which is not easily touched. 

On the back cover:

After millennias of being taught to hate, can the Five most powerful Macshara in the world find a way to reach the free land without killing each other?

Soline is the most feared of the Five.  The Sea Witch has her own agenda and mercy has never been part of the equation.

Jaydren is as stubborn as the mountains he can move.  He doesn't know how to give up.  Not even on Soline.

Vael's flames are unstable.  He's unwanted, but that doesn't stop him from making plans to become the most powerful of the Five.

Ammon's gut tells him that Vael will be the death of them.  He just wishes he could convince Veya before it's too late.

Revaya has a secret that may get her killed, but there's no way to keep i to herself, not on board a ship.  Sooner or later, it will get out.

Who knew being free would be so hard?


The artist:  Daekazu.  He loves to do water - and, as you can see, he has a real affinity for it.  Find his gallery here:  but be warned that he has 'adult' art on his site.