Saturday, August 2, 2014

House of Cards by M&T Erickson

For a change of pace, my oldest daughter and I decided to write a children's book series together.  I finished the first draft last year and  its 200+ pages were eaten by the computer.  I never found my back up file!

This ended up being a good thing.  It gave us an opportunity to restart (not that I didn't howl at the loss...)

I've written 18 books.  14 of those are part of my Epic, Chest of Souls.  There are 5 prequels and nine main-story novels.  I even have sequels planned...but I'm taking a year off (at the very least) to pursue a different kind of animal:  children's fiction.

The series will star the above characters and these:  and a LOT more.

This is a real change of pace for me because I've written for people 13+ with all the other books.

Stay's going to be a lot of fun for young and those young at heart.  It has been a real learning experience to have to consult with my daughter during my dip into creativity.  We expect the finished product by December, at the latest.  If I have my way, it will be October.

New Cover: Klaus

New Cover:  Mates Laurentiu  

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Eralee is a misfit among immortals. 

She is supposed to marry a philandering river Prince. 
She doesn't want him. 
She wants to save the human called Klaus. 

Klaus lives alone at the edge of the Everaude Forest, a dangerous forbidden place. 
He’s convinced he will never know love until he meets Eralee. 
Unfortunately, she’s immortal 
There's no reason for her to return his love. 

There is another immortal who wants him. 
She is Kamichen, the Winter Witch, 
known in legend for eating men’s hearts. 

She has plans for Klaus and they don’t include Eralee.